Following unprecedented demand for The Drawn Blank Series, which was first translated into limited edition graphics in 2008, fine art publisher Washington Green has published six of the most iconic images from the collection in never before seen colourways.

Each piece is individually hand signed by artist, and is now available to buy at Bournemouth's Westover Gallery Cultural icon Dylan, now 74, continues to reinvent and inspire.

His contribution to music is well documented, having released 36 studio albums, wining 11 Grammy Awards and selling in excess of 125 million records worldwide.

But in recent years, his work as a visual artist has furthered his popularity and acclaim. Dylan dates the origins of his work as a visual artist to the early 1960s – drawing throughout his music career to "relax and refocus a restless mind".

He created a collection of drawings featuring portraits, interiors, landscapes, nudes and street scenes while travelling on tour between 1989 and 1992. The works were then published in a book entitled Drawn Blank in 1994.

When Ingrid Mössinger, the curator of the Kunstsammlungen Museum in in Chemnitz, Germany, came across the works more than ten years later in 2006, she urged Dylan to host his first major museum exhibition.

During an eight month period in 2007, Dylan reworked the original drawings to create a series of 320 expressive and vibrant watercolour and gouache paintings.

Several versions of each image were created in different colours and tones, resulting in a dynamic variety of impressions, feelings and emotions.

These paintings formed a collection entitled The Drawn Blank Series – the subsequent exhibition of the works at the Kunstsammlungen Museum in 2007 were met with widespread critical acclaim.

“I was fascinated to learn of Ingrid’s interest in my work, and it gave me the impetus to realise the vision I had for these drawings many years ago," explains Dylan.

“The Drawn Blank Series is something near and dear to me. To see them being widely circulated reaffirms my original belief that there was something to them all along.”

Dylan’s previous signed limited edition collections published by Washington Green include several releases from The Drawn Blank Series, Sidetracks, hand embellished images based on Bob Dylan's most iconic image Train Tracks, and The Brazil Series, inspired by Dylan’s visit to the country while on tour.

Ally Tanswell, general manager at the Westover Gallery, said the "expressive" works provided a rare insight into Dylan's life, adding: "This carefully selected collection of paintings, published as signed limited edition graphics, will enable collectors, and art lovers throughout the world, access to Dylan's works of art.

"They illustrate the skill and imagination not only of Dylan the artist, but also of Dylan the man.”

The six new signed limited edition graphics have been produced in an edition size of 295 and cost £1,750.00 each.

They are available to buy from Westover Gallery, in Westover Road, Bournemouth. For more information, see