INCUMBENT police and crime commissioner Martyn Underhill has officially launched his campaign for re-election.

Mr Underhill - the only independent candidate standing for election - has pledged to protect vulnerable people, protect Dorset residents from cybercrime and build on road safety initiatives.

He has also committed to retaining the force's marine unit and creating a new rural crime team.

The PCC said: “Dorset has faced some of the biggest challenges in policing history at the same time as facing unprecedented funding cuts. The force continues to punch above its weight and perform well.

“In the next four years, we will face a digital revolution which could present new threats and change how the police investigate crime. Dorset must stay ahead of the curve.”

Mr Underhill said he would "resist any attempt" to issue all police officers with firearms.

"For me, if I was PCC at that time, it would be a resigning issue," he said.

"If that decision was made, an armed police force would negate the need for a PCC within five years. Our model of policing by consent would be finished and our accountability and governance model would change forever."