STUDENTS at Broadstone Middle School were given the chance to meet with a popular children's author as part of their celebrations of World Book Day.

Head of English at the school, Rachel Milton, invited David Lawrence Jones for a special session at the school on Thursday (MAR 10) to help children develop their imaginations through reading and writing.

Budding young authors created their own stories, with Mr Jones's guidance, to bring characters to life and were later treated to a book-signing with their temporary mentor.

The author of the Bradley Baker series said it was also a chance to give him some inspiration, in the school's well-presented hall.

"We have lots of fun bringing the characters to life and inspire the love of reading and writing," he said. "By the end of the session everyone's really fired up to get reading and writing.

"It's about getting out there and meeting the children. It also gives me the chance to get inspired by them so it's a win-win for everybody.

"It's a very, very well organised event. [Broadstone] has got a lovely hall and good lighting systems and a wonderful stage."

Mrs Milton said she jumped at the chance of having such a popular author visit their premises after she found his name on a literacy network which offered such meet-and-greet sessions.

"I thought this is a great opportunity," she said. "He did an hour-and-a-half session to celebrate World Book Day. It was a continuation of our celebration and spoke to all our children in years five and six.

"A lot of children [were] here and it's a wonderful opportunity to meet a real-life author. For us we're really trying to promote reading and writing in school so it's a real positive for us."

Mr Jones said he was of a similar age when he first began to write stories, inspired by Enid Blyton's Secret Seven series.

He added: "I've been writing children's books since just after the millennium and I was inspired by stories I made up when I was nine. Through my books, and I visit lots of schools in the UK, I inspire children to pick up a pen and write more stories.

"I like to go out and inspire the children."