THE second movie from Bournemouth playwright and filmmaker Steven Murphy will be screened in Poole in the New Year.

My Saviour, an action revenge thriller, is set in a male-dominated world and examines what it means to be 'a hero', says Steven.

He told the Echo: "I'm interested in this aspect having been in the army, a bouncer, a cage fighter.

"I've always been in these male-dominated environments and it interests me how men behave in packs and as individuals.

"I poured everything of myself into this film."

The former bouncer emerged from the local arts scene in 2009 with his debut play Doorways that was based on his 20 years experience of working on the door.

This was made into a film last year and has just been accepted into the Los Angeles Cinefest Festival.

Steven worked tirelessly to secure funding, even entering a cage fighting tournament for a £5,000 prize.

It was while editing his last project that he wrote, acted and made his latest film, My Saviour.

Steven still competes in the ring and at the gym - he recently won the British Masters Powerlifting Championship in Manchester, and will contest another cage fight in three months.

"It keeps me disciplined and gives me a drive for life and helps raise awareness in what I am doing," said Steven.

"I love writing though and don't need anything off anyone. I love it, getting my thoughts out - its therapeutic.

"I have three more screenplays and if nothing comes from My Saviour I will make a new one next year.

"I am doing everything I can to achieve my dream, if nothing else comes from it I will have given everything."

My Saviour is set to be screened at Parkstone's The Brit pub on January 11, 12 & 13.

For more information please contact or 07873590550.

Trailers to both films are available at at