Looking to try something new on your mobile or console? here's our pick of three of the best apps you might want to download this weekend. 

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Nintendo 3DS

JOIN the famous plumbers on a rip-roaring paper chase Nintendo's hero for all adventures is back, in an altogether flimsier format as Paper Mario jumps out of a book and into the bizarre adventures of the traditional Mario and Luigi.

The resulting amusing and dangerous hijinks play out in a combination of action and RPG mechanics, as your superstar team takes on quests and downs enemies to untangle the unique book-based universe alongside the regular world they reside in.

To succeed, you'll need to take advantage of Paper Mario's unique skills, like slipping through cracks, making copies of himself and folding himself up, while you'll need the differing abilities of all three lead characters to ultimately destroy Bowser's army of dastardly villains.

As with all Mario games, there's an excellent mix of puzzle-solving, mini-games and mad-cap humour to carry you through, all delivered in delightfully familiar colourful 3D environments.

It's by no means the biggest of games with an RPG angle, but clocking in at around 20+ hours, the cutesy content should keep young gamers - and those with a long-held affinity for the premier plumber - engrossed for a good while.

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes


MORE Star Wars hype incoming. This time, it's in the shape of a fairly light-touch RPG battler that charges you with building a team of intergalactic awesomeness to fight against another team of familiar faces from the mega-franchise.

Character customisation, tactical battling with special moves and authentic environments from the Star Wars universe are all big plus points in this experience, but be prepared for some grinding gameplay or the prospect of spending real currency to unlock and enjoy the biggest stars from the film series.

It's a common gripe in free-to-play titles, but hey, they are free to play. And if you're a big Star Wars fan or someone just looking for some RPG fun without the need to overthink the tactical elements, Galaxy Of Heroes will do a really solid job for you.

Graphically it's great, and the element of surprise perennially held by opening card packs or bagging new loot should keep your wars in the stars simmering nicely before the film is finally released.

One Button Travel


THE printed page will never die, but fiction takes on many different forms these days, not least when it comes to interactive narrative experiences such as One Button Travel.

Inspired by the likes of 80 Days, more than 50,000 words have been constructed into a decision-driven story set in a future that picks up on today's economic and social hot potatoes.

The game interface is intelligently designed, where simple gestures send the story along seamlessly, all the while probing you for your personal responses to each devious dilemma.

It would be a sin to give the story away - after all, that's the sole point of playing this - but suffice to say it's an extremely engrossing experience and a welcome break from matching-three or button mashing in your other mobile pursuits.

Like the paperback fantasy "choose-your-own-adventure" books from decades gone by, this is the very same genre re-imagined for mobile, and it's marvellous.