FOOTBALL fan Phil Waddington beat 130,000/1 odds to land Sky Sports’ weekly Soccer Saturday Super 6 game jackpot.

The Poole IT worker, who made his predictions while painting and decorating at home, won more than £6,400, after sharing the £250,000 top prize with 38 other amateur pundits who also correctly called all six results.

Phil, a Queens Park Rangers fan, said: “In the last 10 minutes of the matches I was glued to Sky Sports News as I was only one goal out with the Man United v West Brom game.

“I never cheer on Man United usually but I was this time. I was ecstatic when they scored but it took a while to sink in that I had won anything.”

The free Soccer Saturday Super 6 game, popularised by Jeff Stelling and his co-pundits, has seen more and £3million claimed by participants.

This was only the second time more than one winner has landed the jackpot, and only the tenth time all six Saturday results were correctly predicted by someone since the game began in 2008.

Phil, who won following last weekend’s matches, says he plans to give a portion of his winnings to his parents and brother.

Sky Bet spokesman Sandro Di Michele said: “Congratulations to Phil for a supreme effort - he certainly put a fine gloss on his week by landing the jackpot.

“It just goes to show that even when decorating a moment of inspiration can pay dividends - and it doesn’t even cost a penny to play.”

An online bookmaker calculated the odds of landing the jackpot last week and correctly forecasting the results of six football matches was a whopping 130,000/1.

Phil's Super 6 correct predictions were: Leicester 2, Watford 1, Man Utd 2, West Brom 0, Norwich 1 Swansea 0, Sunderland 0 Southampton 1, West Ham Utd 1, Everton 1, Brighton 2, MK Dons 1.