IT'S rare to see moments of spontaneous generosity in today's world.

But it was such a moment on Saturday when a well-known Bournemouth face was handed a ticket to the Cherries' match against Newcastle.

It was a bittersweet moment for Gordon Roberts, better known as 'Gordon the Tramp', who was taken to the game by a Poole man off the cuff, to watch Bournemouth's 1-0 defeat against Newcastle.

Matt Bradley, of Lilliput, was due to go the game with his dad, who was unable to attend last minute.

Despite the 26-year-old's attempts to flog the spare ticket on forums he went to the game anyway, only to find Gordon queuing up with many others to Vitality Stadium.

And through the kindness of his heart he offered the ticket to Gordon and they were able to watch the match alongside the 11,553 other football fans.

"Me and my dad always go to every game and I had this ticket," Matt said.

"It's an OAP ticket so it had to go to an OAP but there were no takers. I was there 15 minutes before and Gordon was there queuing up to get one."

Gordon has formerly featured in the Daily Echo when residents called for him to be an Olympic torchbearer in 2010.

He was also one of the names put forward to turn the town's Christmas lights on and, during a special beach-side broadcast, was featured on This Morning back in 2011.

"We sat right at the front, enjoyed the game, got a cup of tea at half time and that was that," Matt added.

"It's just one of those things. I know it's kind of hard for people to get tickets and he's been saying he was struggling and it was nice to do it for someone in a little bit of need.

"He's always one of those who's always been there and I think he knows everyone at the club. Every steward was 'alright Gordon? How's it going Gordon?'. He's very well known and a popular man at the club.

"He was rather pleased," Matt said. "I think he enjoyed a bit of company and having a laugh as anyone would do. He seemed pretty chuffed.

"It was a shame about the result. Chances galore but we couldn't put them away. Story of the season."