METHODISTS at Poole have celebrated a milestone in the celebration of their faith.

At the start of the month members of the Poole Methodists held their first Sunday service at The Spire since its redevelopment.

Around 10 years ago five separate congregations came together, selling off four sets of buildings across the area, using the money to build on the existing premises at Poole High Street.

They celebrated the new site with a special gathering with the help of Wesley's Community Cafe, which has been open at The Spire since January.

Other ground floor rooms and offices have also been let out to a variety of community groups to try and create a central hub for the town.

Over a hundred worshippers came together to celebrate their new building which will host all Sunday services once completed.

For the moment, the congregation meet at a temporary home in the newly-built main hall while funds are raised to complete the upper floor, which will include the multi-purpose auditorium.

Members of the congregation heard from young musicians and readers.

One unnamed child said: “We have been travelling for several years... but we are very pleased to be here. Our building is not yet complete, and nor are we. Please come and join us on our journey.”