Doreen Bennett ( nee Alcock ) brought in a photograph of a VE Day street party in Woking Road, Parkstone. She thinks it was taken from an upstairs window.

Doreen was nearly eight years old when she went to the celebrations with her older sister Mary. The family lived in nearby King's Road which today is known as Mansfield Close.

Doreen is the small girl at the table with dark hair, directly behind the child in the pram. She has happy memories of the party and knew many of the children who attended. She wonders if any of them are still living in the area.

She has named some of the children as Pat and Michael Wright, Violet Old, Rosemary Read, Janet and Ann Faithful, Alan and Gordon Kingsman, the Bennett brothers, David and Marion Elsworth.

The lady with the pram at the front of the picture is Mrs Young, known better as 'Granny Young' who did most of the clothes washing for the road. There is also Mrs Lambert, Mrs Geary with Patsy in her arms and son Keith at the table.

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