SCHOOLS across Bournemouth and Poole are being asked to sign up to an RSPB project which aims to "reconnect young people with nature".

This initiative, an enterprise supported by the supermarket chain Aldi, includes nature lessons, a big school’s birdwatch and even a bioblitz.

Morwenna Alldis, of the RSPB South West, said: “We mustn’t ignore the links between the declines of wildlife in the UK and the fact that four out of five UK children have no connection to nature.

“If we are to stand any chance of raising a future generation of nature guardians it is really important we rebuild young people’s interest in the natural world.”

Aldi will be donating profits from the sale of carrier bags to this three-year project.

The programme is currently being rolled out in Bournemouth and Poole, via a series of 90-minute outreach lessons.

RSPB schools outreach officer for Bournemouth and Poole, Anneka Schofield, said: “Wildlife and natural places are under increasing pressure.

“A recent survey has shown that fewer than 10 per cent of children play in natural places compared to 40 per cent in the 1970s.

“As a child I was always outside playing with my friends and siblings. We made bases in trees, slid down hills and looked for creatures under logs.

“I remember the excitement of finding slow worms and rescuing tadpoles from a drying puddle.

“The places I grew up playing in are almost unrecognisable from my childhood memories.

“The natural areas that local children played in when I grew up are overgrown, there are no marks on the hills from children sliding down them and these spaces lack the sound of children exploring nature.”

Anneka and her team are ready to deliver the three free 90-minute outdoor sessions.

Visit to book a session and for more information.