PUPILS at New Milton Junior School remain affected by last week's suspected outbreak of norovirus with 32 off sick today.

Head teacher Kelvin Geary confirmed the school is still affected but stressed the number of poorly is pupils is reducing.

He said staff are following advice from Public Health England with on-going deep cleaning at the beginning and end of each school day.

Supervised hand-washing is also taking place at the school, in Old Milton Road, throughout the day.

Mr Geary said some children may have been kept at home as a precautionary measure and urged parents with affected children to keep them off school for at least 48 hours after their last symptoms.

On Friday there were 60 pupils off sick and the illness was reported to Public Health England where a spokesman said it was believed to be norovirus.

The virus, often referred to as the winter vomiting bug, is highly contagious and is usually spread by contaminated food, water and surfaces.

There is no cure but it usually only lasts for one or two days.

A spokesman for Public Health England told the Daily Echo: "The advice we provided at the time was a 48-hour exclusion since last symptoms for pupils, as well as the school taking a look at a deep clean.

"Public Health England has no further involvement in this case."

Mr Geary said no staff are affected and that lessons are continuing as normal.