A major new scheme to totally transform Landsowne and St Pauls is being put forward by Bournemouth council. Here's what you need to know...

Who would manage it?

A newly created “Lansdowne delivery board” and manager. The project area is being called C:Side.

Who would pay for it?

The council says it would be looking for government and EU funding, plus business partnerships

When would it happen?

The plan would be adopted  in November, with work on some projects to start as soon as possible.

What’s being considered?

A whole raft of things, including the long term possibility of a tram from the station to the town centre, a cycle hire scheme at the station, more segregated cycle lanes  and a new junction from Asda onto St Pauls road. All the proposal outline below are “could be” options at the moment.

Creating a new public space around the station

Probably the most ambitious section of the plan, this would look at totally changing the area around the station, including

  • Considering removing “intimidating” subways
  • A cycle hire scheme at the station
  • A clear cycling route in both directions from southern side of the station
  • New developments to mark “gateway to Bournemouth”
  • Improving facades of Asda and car park
  • An improved junction for traffic leaving the station and Asda – possibly including “an interim layout before more comprehensive changes take place on Asda site”
  • Segregated cycle lanes on all roads around station roundabout
  • Creating extra space for development by realigning St Paul’s Road
  • Realigned motor access to the station from Holdenhurst Road  to help cyclists and pedestrian
  • Allowing space for future Rapid Transit system  like a tram or guided bus service

Transforming Cotlands and York Road areas into new St Swithun’s Place finance or teaching district

This would look at creating a major new development focussed on the finance or business sector, or further eduction, and would feature landmark new buildings

  • Landmark buildings, with key buildings at main entrances to district
  • Primarily to be used by business or tertiary teaching
  • A new local square within the district
  • Replacement car parking for Cotlands Road

Moving Bournemouth and Poole College and building houses, a hotel and a co-working space

The proposals suggest turning the site into a “growth location” for digital and creative industries. This would involve

  • moving the College to another site in Bournemouth
  • Building high-quality housing and a boutique hotel on the current site
  • Creating a co-working space with office pods, rentable desks and studio and meeting spaces
  • Encouraging  collaborative and flexible workspaces to help creative businesses work together

Holdenhurst Road start-up workspace

  • Using  empty areas of buildings as co-working space, office pods and permanent desks
  • Setting up a programme of debates, talks and clubs

Banning traffic from Holdenhurst Road and considering tram for links to Bournemouth centre

Plans covering Lansdowne Roundabout to Station roundabout include

  • Segrated cycle lanes planned
  • The possibility for the carriageway to be bus and taxi only
  • Shared surface layout at crossing points
  • Moving bus stands
  • Reviewing possibility of Rapid Transit system such as a tram or guided bus

Reviewing layout of Oxford Road

  • Segregated cycle lanes and improved road layout to accommodate traffic no longer able to use Holdenhurst Road

Building a public space at Lansdowne Roundabout

  • Reviewing traffic use and restrictions to create public space for events
  • Shared use of Landsowne Crescent with priority for pedestrians
  • Eye catching and innovative public art
  • Installing electricity points etc to allow space to be used for outdoor performance and exhibitions

Transforming Christchurch Road into Christchurch Boulevard

This section of the proposals looks at creating a ”bustling neighbourhood street”, featuring small workplaces, independent shops and a boulevard type layout, including houses. This would mean

  • Reviewing traffic use with potential for more shared surfaces
  • Segrated cycle lanes and reduced on-street parking
  • Use of shared surfaces for markets, exhibitions or spill-out space from buildings
  • Formal crossing points for pedestrians
  • A “linear park” along the roadside

Creating a cycle/walking route from Christchurch Road to Oxford Road

  • A new cycle route from Oxford Road over Holdenhurst Road to Christchurch Road
  • Improved pedestrian crossings on all three roads and Lansdowne Road
  • A new public square somewhere on the route

Creating a "Smart Network" 

  • Renewable energy to provide power and heating to the C:Side area
  • Superfast broadband in buildings and public spaces
  • A Digital Spine to allow for future capacity
  • Beacon technology to beam transport timetables, restaurants information, event information and more to phones
  • Touchscreen kiosks featuring weather and local news
  • Solar charging stations with WiFi which could also double as bus stops

A new festival to bring people to Lansdowne

  • A “C:Side festival” , initially funded by the council and focusing on creativity, innovation and enterprise.

What do I do if I want a say?

You have until September 28th to comment. There’s an open day today at Redweb’s offices on Lansdowne Road from midday to 6pm.