A BOURNEMOUTH mum has set a new world record for completing a marathon on a rowing machine.

Clare Busst, 34, rowed 26 miles in two hours and 54 minutes on Saturday, knocking a full five minutes off the previous best time and adding a second world record to her tally in her age and weight bracket.

But for Clare, the Row for a Wish challenge, held in Bournemouth Square, was secondary to the main aim of the day – raising funds and awareness for the charity Round Table Children's Wish.

"I feel elated to have taken the record," said Ms Busst, who lives in Southbourne with her 10-year-old son Joe.

"It was not the ideal circumstances in which to set a record, in Bournemouth Square with so many people around, but I managed to keep my composure.

"It has been three months of hard work so I am glad it is over.

"But I am more happy with the turnout yesterday, we wanted to raise awareness for this charity which really needs the money."

The previous record of two hours and 59 minutes was set 13 years ago by Irish rower Siobhan Norman.

As well as watching Clare at work, onlookers could try their hand at a bit of rowing on four machines provided by Fit Space, with a chance to win prizes including a Playstation 4, iPad Mini and gym memberships. There was also a raffle.

Thus far more than £3,000 has been raised for the charity, which grants 'wishes' for children with life-threatening illnesses.

Ms Busst, who also has five British records and rows with Q-Power Indoor Rowing Team and Westover Rowing Club, said she was grateful to the many of her family and friends who showed up to support her, including her friends from the Corpus Christi school parent group Supermums.

"I'm just going to have a nice restful day," she said on Sunday.

Her friend Prigette Smolka, a business development worker for Round Table Children's Wish, said: "We are delighted, overwhelmed and honoured that Clare has chosen our charity for this event. She has raised funds for other children's charities in the past.

"Raising awareness is our most important goal today. We try and take the pressure off the families of young children with various difficulties."

To donate, visit virginmoneygiving.com/ClareBusst.