THIS impressive 12ft high wooden henge will remain at its Purbeck site until early September, it has been confirmed.

Built on a whim by the owner of Worth Matravers' iconic Square & Compass pub, the wooden circle didn't take long to attract the attention of council planning officers.

Purbeck District Council (PDC) has since ordered the removal of the structure, erected near the village car park, by early September.

Square & Compass owner Charlie Newman told the Daily Echo: "I'm interested in archaeology and study it as a hobby. I like history as well and the opportunity to build this presented itself after I took down a 25ft tree.

"A friend took down another tree and I ended up with this big pile of timber."

Mr Newman and four friends put up the henge - within 12 hours last month - in time for the summer solstice.

"It was a bit of fun", explained Mr Newman. "We used 35 tonnes of timber and made it as an installation, as a feature on the landscape.

"The council has not been unreasonable with me at all, when I asked if we could have a couple of months they agreed. I have no issue with them at all over this.

"Generally the public response has been positive and most of the village all think it is nice."

Tim Arnold, of the village's Post Office Cottage bed & breakfast agrees.

He said: "I think it is a fantastic thing to do, it is a piece of art as far as I am concerned. I don't have an issue with the council but this is definitely a piece of art, a local sculpture, and that should be respected.

"It is a shame for it to be pulled down. I'm not saying it should stay there permanently but maybe for a year or two."

Meanwhile, another local resident who asked not to be named, also called for the henge to remain where it is.

"It is lovely as it draws people in," she said. "Many village residents really love it as well. But the council has made this ruling, so there you have it."

PDC confirmed the landowner had agreed to remove the henge by the September 4th deadline.

A council spokesman added: "The council will check at that time."