THE demolition of four properties in an exclusive area of Poole and their replacement with flats is set to raise a whopping £1.3million in developer contributions for the cash strapped council.

Construction has begun on four developments in Lilliput Road, demolishing four large properties and replacing them with apartments.

This Fortitudo Property scheme for 74, 76, 78 and 80 Lilliput Road which will produce a total of 36 luxury apartments with underground parking.

Although each application was approved by Poole planners separately, the development in total will contribute well over £1million to Borough of Poole coffers.

Developers will make a £300,000 contribution towards social housing in the area and £1m to the Community Infrastructure Levy - which goes towards funding improvements for the community.

"I am pleased we have managed to achieve this for Poole and still have a viable business model moving forward," said development specialist Richard Carr, who has spearheaded the development.

Mr Carr, who is an employee of Fortitudo Property where he assembles development sites in the Poole area added: "Our latest development will help ease the burden of social housing on the local council, whilst the CIL contribution will help build new facilities for residents."

Nigel Jacobs, planning policy and implementation manger, Borough of Poole said: "The Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL is applied to most new developments in Poole to help us fund infrastructure in the town.

"Each of the four sites on Lilliput Road will eventually contribute between £225,500 and £296,000 in CIL payments, which will go towards projects which protect the local harbour and heathland environments, and to support the development of the local area.”

The 36 luxury apartments are spread between four apartment buildings with nine flats each on 74, 76 and 78 and eight on number 80, each with its own terrace or small balcony.