THE birth of three goshawk chicks has been watched live online by bird lovers.

The trio of chicks arrived last week, but a fourth egg did not hatch and now looks unlikely to do so.

But the remaining youngsters are doing well thanks to a regular supply of food from their parents, and in five to six weeks they will be able to fly and ready to leave the nest.

The goshawk nest is filmed using a ‘raptorcam’ technology to allow viewers to follow the lives of birds of prey in their nests as they breed, hatch eggs, feed chicks and teach their young how to fly.

The project is based at the New Forest Reptile Centre, near Lyndhurst.

It is run by the RSPB, New Forest National Park Authority, Forestry Commission and Carnyx Wild.

So far more than 6,000 people have visited the centre, while thousands more have watched online.

Michael Lake, RSPB Membership Development Officer, said: "I'm very pleased to see that three chicks have hatched and are being well looked after by the parents.

"Everyone involved with the project is really excited to watch the development of these chicks over the next five to six weeks as they grow and learn to fly.

"Watching the live TV image of these birds at the Reptile Centre is a real treat, as visitors get to witness it in the New Forest, where the action is taking place and there are plenty of reptiles and amphibians to see there as well."