INTERNATIONAL pop star Paloma Faith will guest star in the new ITV Peter Pan drama, that was filmed at Swanage Pier earlier this month.

Crowds flocked to Swanage's historic Victorian Pier to watch a film crew shoot scenes for the new television drama, now confirmed by television bosses as 'Peter & Wendy' .

Paloma will star as Tinker Bell, while Breaking Bad's Laura Fraser plays Mrs Darling and Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci plays the legendary Captain Hook.

The two-hour drama will also feature two new exciting young talents to play Peter Pan and Wendy Darling - Zac Sutcliffe and Hazel Doupe.

The drama, based on J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, will be set in modern day Great Ormand Street Hospital, where 12-year-old Lucy Rose is awaiting treatment for a serious heart condition.

Producer Steward Mackinnon said: "The drama will retain the classic structure and content of J.M.Barrie's original Peter Pan, while adding a new framing story designed to allow audiences a different way into the story.

"The modern framework makes funny and at time poignant connections to the original material, while allowing the film to make an affectionate nod towards the traditional theatrical device of actors doubling and even tripling different roles.

"This device also establishes a connection with Great Ormand Street Hospital, the world-famous children's hospital that has become irrevocably associated with Peter Pan."

J.M.Barrie gave all the rights to Peter Pan to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1929. Since then the hospital has received royalties every time a production of the play is put on, as well as from the sale of Peter Pan books and other products.

Christine De Poortere, Peter Pan director at Great Ormand Street Hospital Children's Charity, said: "We are absolutely thrilled to see Peter Pan in an exciting new screen version, especially as it brings together Barrie's original story and GOSH, the honoured recipient of his amazing gift.

"As Barrie said himself: 'At one time Peter Pan was an invalid in the Hospital for Sick Children, and it was he who put me up to the little thing I did for the hospital'."

Peter & Wendy is currently in production with filming taking place over a six-week period in Dorset, London and Luxembourg.