THE Conservatives have increased their majority on Bournemouth council, wiping out the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties in the process.

All three Labour councillors and one Liberal Democrat lost their seats in a day of high drama at the election count.

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But UKIP were celebrating after 21-year-old Laurence Fear became the first ever UKIP councillor on Bournemouth council.

He topped the poll in Kinson South with 1,224 votes, unseating Labour group leader Ben Grower, a councillor of 41 years and former Mayor Beryl Baxter.

There is a very good chance Bournemouth council will also have at least one Green councillor on Monday, when there is a recount of the votes cast in the Winton East ward.

Cllr Fear said: "It's unbelievable. We had a really good campaign, knocked on loads of doors across the whole ward, covered the whole ward with our leaflets and went out with a positive message.

"I'm blown away. I'm not a person who wants to be divisive so I now want to get the best for Bournemouth and the best for Kinson South."

It's thought a high student turnout in Winton East could have secured the Green Party at least one council seat. The recount will be held at 10am on Monday.

The only other opposition councillor currently elected is Independent Cllr Anne Rey, who topped the poll in Throop and Muscliff.

She paid an emotional tribute to her retired colleague Ron Whittaker and said she was disappointed to be the only independent elected in Throop and Muscliff.

The results were a massive blow to the Labour Party, which had fielded its highest ever number of candidates and had been optimistic of increasing its share of council seats.

Labour Party spokesperson David Stokes said: "We're extremely disappointed with the results, both locally and nationally. We will continue to function as a local party and seek to get back on the council at the earliest opportunity.

"We are deeply sorry for the loss of long-standing, hard-working councillors. We will continue to fight for a fairer society and stand up for ordinary hard-working people."

Other notable results saw former council leader Stephen MacLoughlin re-elected back on to the council.

Conservative councillor turned Independent Barry Goldbart also lost, as did independent Sue Levell and Bournemouth Independent Alliance's Roger West.