A FORMER Bournemouth University student bled to death in a hotel room after cutting himself with razor blades, an inquest heard.

Music and Audio Technology graduate Christopher MacKinnon killed himself in the Chelsea Hotel in St Swithun's Road although no one knew there was anything wrong.

Just hours before his body was found in the Bournemouth hotel, the 24-year-old sent an email to his mum, making plans to meet her the following week.

And he also contacted his boss to say he would see him in the office two days later.

Staff at the hotel made the grim discovery on the morning of Saturday November 15 last year. He had left a message on the screen of his laptop and had been researching articles about binge drinking and depression.

A post mortem examination revealed he had numerous cuts on his arms and blood loss led to his death. There was no trace of drugs or alcohol in his system.

Dorset coroner Sheriff Payne heard Mr MacKinnon, who lived in London and worked as a web designer, bought a return ticket to Bournemouth and stayed alone in the £25 a night hotel for three days.

Hotel proprietor Christine Beere said he had a backpack and a skateboard with him when he arrived and that he paid for one night at a time.

He was last seen in the early hours of November 15 when he rang the doorbell because he had accidentally locked himself out of the hotel, the inquest was told.

His mum, Lesley, told the Bournemouth inquest her son was happy in his new job in London and his dad, Iain, said in a statement: "I simply could not believe or comprehend it. His boss was as shocked and disbelieving as me."

The inquest also heard Mr MacKinnon was planning a snowboarding holiday and had long-term plans to move near to a snowboarding resort in France.

Recording a verdict that he took his own life, Mr Payne said Mr MacKinnon took disposable razors apart to get the razor blades out before harming himself.

He added: "This is something that would have required thought and positive action on his part, not the actions of someone who is crying out for help."