UKIP’s office in Bournemouth has been targeted by vandals in an overnight attack.

Police were called to the Eurosceptic party’s base on Lansdowne Road shortly before 9am after a window was found smashed at the side of the building.

It is believed the intruders climbed through the window before kicking in the backdoor to make their escape.

Martin Houlden, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth West, said his colleagues were alerted to the attack by neighbours.

“A brick has come through the window and they have kicked out the back door,” he added. “It does not appear that anything of value has been taken.

“The biggest concern was the leaflets we have here which were printed for the campaign. They are going out to 45,000 homes across the constituency and it would have impacted our campaign if they had been damaged, defaced or stolen."

Mr Houlden said members of the party have been on the receiving end of verbal abuse in the past, but cannot be certain that this was a politically motivated attack.

“What we don’t know is if this is an attack on UKIP or just opportunists looking for anything of value,” he said.

“There is a UKIP sign out at the front and people think anybody coming out of here is UKIP, which they are not – we share the building with a business which has nothing to do with us. But a lot of people don’t like us.

“We are insured but this is going to be a real hassle for us.”

A Dorset Police spokesperson confirmed officers are investigating after the force was called to reports of criminal damage, but that nothing appears to have been taken from the property.