There aren’t many holiday experiences worth repeating. As they say, variety is the spice of life, after all.

That is, unless you had such a great time before – and you knew what you were getting.

This was the case for our family when we chose our summer holiday last year.

As usual, we went through the shortlist of countries flying from Bournemouth airport, accommodation, facilities etc – and the most important question, obviously: ‘How big’s the pool?’ And, guess what – the firm that met our criteria was Eurocamp – the same we’d holidayed with the year before.

And we didn’t just pick to go with Eurocamp – but we picked the actual ‘parc’ in Spain next door to the one before too.

How’s that for adventurous?

Getting to the Costa Brava couldn’t have been easier. And easy is what you need when you’ve got a seven-year-old and four-year-old in tow.

But flying from Bournemouth with a young family is a godsend – and well before they’d got bored we’d arrived at Girona without so much as one ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ Many holidaymakers drive to their parcs at the other end – especially if they’ve come by ferry – but as ours was just over half an hour away we got a cab – and as there was a free regular bus that did visits to the local marina and town our car wasn’t necessary.

Aside with being greeted at Castell Montrgri with a sudden huge downpour of rain (okay, not the best start), things soon brightened up when our Eurocamp couriers took us to our new home from home which couldn’t have been in a better location. Right next to the pool. And what a pool it was too.

And when I say ‘a pool’ there were actually three across the camp.

There was a huge lake of a pool that also lit up at night for midnight swims to the delight of my girls, a mini waterpark with slides, and a glorious lagoon tucked away up in the hills of the camp to get away from it all. Absolutely perfect.

Aside from the pools, there’s lots going at Eurocamps for all ages, with a great kids club offering crafts, singing competitions and water games throughout the day and evenings.

You can also play lots of sports including tennis and football and a market visits once a week selling local crafts.

There’s great entertainment shows too – but if you fancy a quieter night, you can also cuddle up with the kids to watch the latest movies beneath the stars instead at the huge outdoor cinema.

Eating at Eurocamp can also be as simple or as fancy as you like, with restaurants and takeaways. But many also have a large supermarket selling an excellent range of fruit, vegetables, and meat to chuck on the barbecue while your children play safely outside your mobile home making friends with other youngsters from all across Europe.

It all sounds so easy – but that’s because it is. Eurocamp is fun, relaxed and very, very easy.

It’s the ideal family holiday and if you haven’t tried it already, I’d recommend it. Twice.


Choose to travel with Eurocamp and it’s the start of a different kind of holiday when it comes to making the most of Europe’s great outdoors.

With over 160 parcs to choose from, Eurocamp is all about setting holidaymakers free to enjoy their ideal holiday experience – from handpicked locations and a great range of stylish accommodation to pool complexes, unrivalled facilities, kids’ club activities and more.

Seven nights from 10th May 2015 at Eurocamp’s Castell Montgri, Costa Brava, staying in a two bedroom Esprit mobile home with decking and air condition costs from just £227 per party, accommodation only. Fly-drive and ferry packages can be arranged through Eurocamp at a supplement.

For further information on Eurocamp, please call 0844 406 0552 or visit