A BIGAMIST accused of murdering his second wife told police he could have made her death look like a climbing accident, a court heard.

Pierre Legris, is alleged to have told police during an interview after his arrest that he had “plenty of opportunity” to kill nurse Rui Li, pictured inset right, had he wanted to.

The 44-year-old’s body was found in the boot of a car, parked in Verwood Crescent, on Friday, May 30, last year.

Prosecutors allege she was murdered at her home in Burnham Drive on the previous Friday, May 23.

Reading aloud a transcript allegedly taken from a police interview, prosecutor Nigel Lickley QC claimed the defendant said: “If I want to hurt her, I have plenty of opportunity and it will just be an accident.

“We were supposed to be climbing last Thursday and we were supposed to be climbing tomorrow. I don’t even have to push her you know.”

On Thursday, Pierre Legris said he had found Ms Li’s body at their home, and wrapped it in plastic sheeting before putting her in a shed because he didn’t want anyone to know he was a swinger.

Mr Lickley also asked the 61-year-old about allegations that he and first wife Irene Smith had discussed Ms Li’s life insurance after her death.

It is alleged that Smith – who had power of attorney over her husband’s affairs as he was in custody – visited employees at Liverpool Victoria in Bournemouth and asked: “When [Pierre Legris] is found guilty, will you still pay out?”, correcting the word ‘when’ to ‘if’ as she spoke.

Pierre Legris said: “We were told that somebody had tried to claim insurance.”

The prosecutor said: “Well, [Ms Li’s daughter] Lu Yao did.

“So you were stopping her making a claim?”

The defendant replied: “No, but what’s mine is mine.”

He denies murder but admits bigamy.

Irene Smith, 66, denies conspiracy to commit murder and two counts of perverting the course of justice.

Their son Jonathan Legris, 27, of Spring Road, denies conspiracy to commit murder and assisting an offender.

The trial, at Winchester Crown Court, continues.