DORSET’S Green Party will be fielding candidates in each of the county’s constituencies for the first time – thanks to community fundraising.

The party announced its first full slate of prospective MPs for Dorset, with four candidates standing in constituencies where the party has never stood before.

The announcement came just days after the Greens reached their target of raising £500 needed for each candidate’s deposit.

And as the final total for each ‘crowdfunding’ initiative exceeded the required £500 total, any extra funds will go towards leaflets to be distributed.

The areas where the Green Party have never stood before include Bournemouth West, Christchurch, Mid Dorset and North Poole, and Poole.

And it is 32 years since the Greens, known then as the Ecology Party, stood a candidate in Bournemouth East.

Elections co-ordinator for the party, and the candidate for Poole, Adrian Oliver, said the party was represented in 1979 and 1983 in Bournemouth East.

He said: “It is thanks to our local support we can field a candidate in each constituency.

“We raised £3,100 through the crowd funding in total.”

Talking about the ‘Green surge’ he said: “I think there are several things going on.

“There is an increasing disillusionment and traditional tribal loyalty has broken down.

“People are frustrated that nothing seems to be changing.

“Environmental issues such as fracking are an issue, along with the rise of UKIP.

“This is triggering a reaction in people who are angry and frustrated and realise they are not the way forward.”

And he said the student vote in Bournemouth could boost their support in those areas, with the party also likely to attract votes from the Liberal Democrats and Labour as well as non-voters, he claimed.

Candidates include; Alasdair Keddie for Bournemouth East, Elizabeth McManus for Bournemouth West, Shona Dunn in Christchurch, Richard Barrington in North Dorset and Mark Chivers for Mid Dorset and North Poole.

Previously announced candidates include Peter Barton for West Dorset and Jane Burnet for South Dorset.

  • In a previous article on Friday, February 6, it was stated Chris Chope held a majority of 27,888. His majority is 15,410, with total number of votes, 27,888.