MOST of us might only be able to dream of parking our jumbo jet at Bournemouth, but this morning this whopper landed at Hurn.

At 76m long – about the same as eight buses – it belongs to the Qatar Amiri Flight, which is the VIP airline owned and operated by the Government of Qatar and caters for the nation’s royal family and other VIP government staff.

Today it flew in from the USA and will now be based at Bournemouth, like it smaller predecessor, which could often be spotted on the tarmac.

The new plane is a Boeing 747-800, which is the third generation of the iconic jumbo, with a lengthened fuselage, redesigned wings – spanning 68m – and improved efficiency.

In commercial form it is the longest passenger aircraft in the world – and is so large that one of the hangars at Bournemouth Airport has been enlarged to accommodate it.