OLYMPIC medallist Kriss Akabusi has become a landlord after joining a Bournemouth-based property franchise.

The runner had been a motivational speaker for Platinum Property Partners (PPP) and was so impressed with the business that he became a partner.

The buy-to-let business helps novice and seasoned investors build portfolios of houses in multiple occupation (HMO) for professional tenants.

Mr Akabusi had given a talk at the PPP National Workshop in April and returned to the Oxford Belfry Hotel to host an awards ceremony and announce that he had become a partner.

He told the audience: “Officially, as of tonight, I am now one of you. I’ve even signed the contract and paid my fee!

“The reason I decided to join is because you’ve all just got a great vibe going on. You, we, have this mantra of Be More, Do More, Have More, Give More and that truly shows.”

He said he had visited HMOs with other partners to benefit from their experience.

“I’m really happy to be part of this. I want to grow, I want to develop, I want to learn new things. I might be a gold medallist, I might be a great runner, I might be 56 and I might be a granddad, but I am a baby in this business and I can’t wait to get started with your help,” he said.

He will begin building his buy-to-let portfolio with support from PPP when he finishes his MBA at Ashridge Business School.

Mr Akabusi won gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and athletics’ European and World championships, as well as silver and bronze at Olympic Games.

His Akabusi Charitable Trust and the Akabusi Company aim to help businesses leverage key messages in exciting ways.

Steve Bolton, founder and chairman of PPP, said: “Kriss is a truly inspirational individual and world-class performer, who embodies the PPP philosophy and values. We are proud to welcome him into the family. He is yet another valuable addition to our unique community of like-minded, successful and ethical property investors and entrepreneurs.”