This is the moment teachers wowed schoolchildren by bursting into song to perform Let It Go from hit Disney film Frozen during a Christmas church service.

The flashmob-style performance was a complete surprise to the school's 750 children and their parents who were gathered in the church for the annual festivities.

The children started to giggle as headteacher Paul Howieson kicked things off dramatically reading the first verse aloud before breaking into song.

Groups of teachers then popped up from seats around the church joining in with the choreographed routine, and even the rector, Revd Michael Camp, had a part in the performance.

The school has about 100 members of staff and anyone who could spare the time for rehearsals took part.

Surprising the children at Baden-Powell and St Peter's Church of England Junior School in Poole, Dorset, with a musical treat at Christmas has become a school tradition, but this is the first time the staff have performed live and Mr Howieson said it was their best yet.

Mr Howieson said: "We have been working on the performance for the last three weeks and did two or three rehearsals in the church and several at school.

"We had to close the curtains and pretend nothing was going on but it worked. I don't think anybody had any idea what we were up to.

"I read the first verse and the kids started to stir by the third word and by the time I got to the line 'looks like I'm the queen' they were laughing. Their reaction was extraordinary.

"I think it's good for them to see their teachers in a different way, and see we like a laugh as much as anyone.

"And it was great to get Revd Michael involved too. It's a really positive association with the church for the kids.

"We're a big school so getting everyone together for a rehearsal was not very easy but we did it and we managed to keep it a secret.

"All the parents said how great they thought it was.

"The problem now is finding a way to go even bigger next year and keep it a secret."