Residents whose public loos were closed in March are determined to re-open and run them.

Hamworthy residents are unimpressed by Borough of Poole’s community toilet scheme and believe they can do better themselves.

“It might work in Broadstone but it’s not working in Hamworthy,” said Julie Bagwell of Turlin Moor, the force behind a campaign to take over the vacant Blandford Road toilet block.

She said they were raising a petition and could harness enough talent from residents to refurbish and run the block as a community asset and would be putting in a bid to Borough of Poole.

“In Hamworthy and Turlin Moor there is a wealth of talent and people quite happy to help,” she said. “It’s the community working together for the community.” While the block has not been put on the market, an offer from the Co-op, which owns neighbouring land, has been received.

Signed up to the community toilet scheme is the library, which closes at 5pm, and the Adam Practice surgery and Red Lion pub which are neighbours. She said they would be able to keep the toilets open until late for people walking back from events such as Summer Breeze on the quay.

Cllr Mark Howell, Poole People group leader said although he and Cllr Charmaine Parkinson voted at full council to keep the Jubilee Road toilets closed, it was because of the cost and the possibility of having to cut other valuable services.

“We applaud Julie for her efforts in this respect and, if successful, her project will set a great example for others to follow,” he said.

Andrew Flockhart, interim chief executive, Borough of Poole, said: “The public toilets and associated land on Blandford Road are not currently for sale, although one offer has been received.

“We are aware that the local community is exploring options for taking over the running of the building, so no offers are being considered whilst we wait for the community bid. Once received this will be reviewed in full.”