A 'DISGUSTED' Aldi customer discovered what he claims was a tooth in a fresh pack of hot cross buns.

Alan Roberts, of Ensbury Park, Bournemouth, bit into the object buried inside one of the buns, purchased that day at the Wallisdown branch of the supermarket.

Initially fearing he had lost or chipped one of his own teeth, he was dismayed to discover that the item – which resembles a shard of tooth – had been baked inside the treat.

Mr Roberts said: "I bought the hot cross buns during the morning and I thought I’d have one with a latte when I got home.

"As I was eating it, I felt something hard and the first thing I thought was that I’d lost a tooth. I was immediately worried about having to get expensive dental work done.

"But after checking, I realised that none of my teeth were missing or chipped, so it must have already been inside the hot cross bun."

He has contacted Environmental Health and Trading Standards to report the discovery.

"It’s not a very nice-looking tooth," he said.

"Somebody must have had quite a strange set of gnashers. It’s a very unpleasant thing to find and I am quite concerned about whether I should eat the rest of the pack or not."

A spokesman from Aldi said: "We are looking into this matter with our suppliers and have apologised to the customer involved. This is an isolated case and we appreciate Mr Roberts contacting us.

"We have robust quality control measures in place to ensure we uphold the high levels of quality that our customers are used to."