THIS monster two-metre shark was caught just 14 miles off the Swanage coast.

Keen fisherman Daniel Field reeled in the 300lb Porbeagle Shark on a birthday fishing trip.

Although potentially dangerous to humans because of its size, the Porbeagle normally feeds on smaller fish and only a couple of attacks on people have ever been recorded.


Recalling the 30 minute fight to reel the shark in, Daniel said: “I couldn't believe it, even with my harness on a couple of times I thought I was going to go overboard. It was so powerful. I had my brother holding onto my shoulders making sure I didn't go in with it.

“It is quite a big boat so there was no chance it could have jumped in, but the first time it surfaced and showed its teeth, we all though wow.”

Daniel, who was fishing on the charter boat San Gina 2 earlier this month said his party had toyed with the idea of hauling it aboard, but the shark was just simply too big.

“It may have been pretty dangerous as well, said the 38-year-old from Swanage. “If it bit you it could probably take your arm off.”

The group had set off at first light from Swanage Bay, on the boat captained by experienced skipper Tom Greasty.

They'd set up four rods for shark, then started using other rods to fish for tope.

Dainel explained: “We were just drifting with the tide but about an hour before we were due to leave, all of a sudden my reel started screaming.

“So I ran up, got the harness on and hooked onto the rod.

“I could tell it was something very big - when it broke the surface a couple of times it looked huge.

“Tom the skipper was forced to put the boat into reverse, because it had taken so much line we had to catch up with it.

“When we pulled it in the skipper said it was the biggest one he'd ever seen.”

After taking a few photos they cut the hook and let the shark swim away.

“It turned over and swam off very quickly, it wasn't hurt in anyway,” said Daniel.