BOURNEMOUTH lap-dancing club Spearmint Rhino has been investigated amid allegations its dancers have been breaching “no touch” rules.

Licensing officers visited the town centre premises following a complaint and say they witnessed several breaches of the venue’s sexual entertainment licence.

The conditions allegedly breached are those that forbid performers from sitting or straddling customers, placing both their feet on the seat, simulating a sexual act, intentionally touching another dancer and intentionally touching a customer.

Bournemouth council said it has been working with the premises since their visit in June to “resolve the issues.”

The club’s sexual entertainment licence is currently up for renewal and it is expected officers will seek to add further conditions onto the licence.

The investigation of Spearmint Rhino comes less than a year after another Bournemouth lap-dancing club Wiggle narrowly held on to its licence after being caught breaching the rules.

The council’s licensing board heard performers were carrying out explicit sexual acts and repeatedly breaking “no touch” rules.

Councillors considered revoking the venue’s licence but instead renewed it for six months with stringent conditions. Earlier this year, their licence was renewed again without objection.

Sarah Rogers, senior licensing officer at Bournemouth council, said: “We became aware of breaches to the license conditions of Spearmint Rhino so inspected the premises and are now working with them to resolve these issues.”

Town centre Cllr David Smith said: “I’m very concerned to hear that there are allegations Spearmint Rhino has breached its licensing conditions. It is imperative that these premises strictly adhere to the terms and conditions that are imposed on them.”

He said he would look into the matter further and would consider objecting to the renewal of their licence if appropriate.

Efforts to contact anyone at Spearmint Rhino were unsuccessful.