The latest victim of a 21-year-old estate agent who has notched up a staggering 18 convictions for violence has spoken of his outrage after she was spared a jail sentence.

Ronnie Lee was almost blinded by Yasmin Thomas after she smashed a glass into his face in a vicious, unprovoked nightclub attack.

Mr Lee, 24, needed stitches to patch up a deep gash just millimetres from his left eye following the assault in Bournemouth.

Incredibly, it was Thomas' 18th conviction for assault - but despite her violent history she walked free from court after a judge handed her a suspended prison term.

Mr Lee, a telesales company director, has spoken of his disgust at the leniency of the sentence - and warned that Thomas might someday kill someone if she is not dealt with properly.

He said: "If it was the other way around and I did that to her, I would be going straight to jail.

"Yasmin claimed she had emotional problems in court but no matter what I had said, if the shoe had been on the other foot, they would have given me a ticket to jail.

"What happens next time if she does something and it's life threatening? She could possibly kill someone.

"How can you allow someone to walk the streets and have a normal life when people don't behave like that.

"She's got 18 convictions already, she's a danger to herself and others around her.

"If someone had the amount of convictions she's got I would think for at least one of them there would be a lesson learnt.

"I don't think the justice system has provided a judgement to make an example.

"If she can walk free with 18 convictions what message is that spreading to the rest of the public?"

Mr Lee was with his friend Richard Evans at the Bar So nightclub in Bournemouth town centre in February when the pair were approached by Thomas and her friends.

One of the women took Mr Evans' e-cigarette and threw it to the floor. Thomas, a stranger to the pair, picked it up and handed it to Mr Lee.

She then said: "Are you not going to say thank you? Who do you think you are?" before lunging at him with a glass.

Mr Lee suffered a deep cut close to his left eye which needed four stitches and other smaller cuts to his face. Shards of glass had to be removed from his eye and cheek following the brutal attack.

He added: "My friend Richard Evans and I went out for a drink to celebrate setting up our new business together.

"We had been at Bar So for about an hour. We stepped on the dance floor and the lady in question, Yasmin, was there. I didn't know her at all.

"One of her friends stole Richard's e-cigarette and threw it on the floor.

"Yasmin picked it up and tapped me on the shoulder and gave it to me. I was surprised and handed it back to Richard.

"She then said 'Aren't you gonna say thank you then?' I was confused and didn't say anything.

"She threw a drink on my face first and then smashed the glass on my left eye socket.

"It had only been nine or 10 minutes from being on the dance floor to being in the ambulance.

"A nurse pulled glass out of my cheek and eye and I had four stitches in my eyelid.

"He told me that if it had been a couple of millimetres closer to my eye I would have been blinded - I'd have no sight.

"Since then I've had some anxiety when I go out and I find myself trying to be careful. It's put me on edge."

Thomas, an estate agent at Palmer Snell in the Westbourne area of Bournemouth, pleaded guilty to ABH when she appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Judge John Harrow branded her criminal history "breathtaking" and described it as one of the worst he had ever seen of a woman her age.

But despite that Thomas was not sent to jail, instead being handed a 12 month sentence suspended for two years and 80 hours of community service.

She was also told to pay Mr Lee £1,000 in compensation and a £100 victim surcharge.

Sentencing her, Judge Harrow said: "You have a breathtaking record of violence, one of the worst I have ever seen from anyone your age.

"It is not without a lot of hesitation and some reservations, I must confess, that I'm going to suspend that 12 month sentence for two years.

"Any offence at all will be sent back to this court and you will go straight down those steps to prison for at least 12 months."

Tobias Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East, slammed the sentence and said he would be urging the Attorney General to review it.

He said: "This is a truly shocking case of violence in Bournemouth. Not only was this a repeat offence, but the victim was so badly hurt that shards of glass had to be removed from his eye afterwards.

"It is worrying that criminals with a violent history of this nature are let off with just community service and a 12 month suspended sentence, when their record demonstrates that they are repeat, violent offenders.

"This is now the third case of this nature that I have seen in Bournemouth in recent months, so I will now be seeking a meeting with the Attorney General to discuss these particular cases and to ask whether changes to the law are necessary to ensure that cases of this kind do not occur again in the future."