CONCERNED residents say a popular Hamworthy recreation ground is covered in litter, because Borough of Poole failed to provide the large traveller encampment there with enough skips.

Neighbours say the travellers, who moved onto Turlin Moor Recreation Ground last week, had bagged their rubbish up, but there wasn’t a skip provided until Monday.

Meanwhile, Borough of Poole officials say there have been instances of anti-social behaviour at the site and “a significant amount of waste” has been deposited on the field.

Julie Bagwell, resident and independent chairman of the Hamworthy Safer Team, said: “The field looks awful, it’s a real state. The travellers are going to get the blame for it, but the council should have done more.

“The travellers shouldn’t get all the blame for the rubbish, as they’ve bagged it all up, but there just hasn’t been anywhere for them to put it.”

Council officials are set to go to court this morning to secure an eviction order against the Turlin Moor encampment.

A total of 25 caravans and motor homes, with associated vehicles, remained on the recreation ground as the Daily Echo went to press yesterday.

Borough of Poole says it provided two skips for the travellers to dump their rubbish in on Monday.

Another group of travellers remain on land close to Rockley Holiday Park, north of Napier Road, Hamworthy, after arriving on Sunday.

However, this land – accessed via a pathway running alongside the Royal Marines base – is privately leased, so it is the tenant who is responsible for taking court action. Seven caravans remained there yesterday.

On the Turlin Moor encampment, Mrs Bagwell said: “We haven’t had bikes racing across the field like last time. We wouldn’t even have any mess if the borough had provided skips.”

However, a Turlin Moor neighbour added: “It is intimidating with them out there. I know a lot of people who would normally walk their dogs on the field but they cannot do this now. I’ve heard there’s been a bit of trouble, with the young traveller children.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named, told the Echo yesterday: “The rubbish is all over the field now – but this is because there weren’t any skips until today.”

Eviction order due

BOROUGH of Poole regulatory services manager Peter Haikin said: “Direction orders were served on the travellers at Turlin Moor on Monday, and we are in court on Wednesday morning to apply for an eviction order.

“If successful, the travellers will have 24 hours to leave the site after the order has been served. While skips have been provided to keep the area tidy and reduce subsequent clean-up costs, there has unfortunately been a significant amount of waste deposited around the site. This together with some incidents of anti-social behaviour is being used to support our evidence when we go to court. “There remains an unauthorised encampment located on private land at Napier Road. While it is the landowner’s responsibility to take court action to remove the travellers, we will provide advice to them on legal processes should this be required.”


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