PURBECK District Council officials have issued a plea to campers to take care when cooking on gas stoves.

The safety advice comes as Lulworth Castle gears up to host this year’s Camp Bestival Event.

A Camp Bestival reveller was airlifted to hospital in 2013 after suffering serious burns when a fireball ripped through her tent. The cause of the explosion was a gas stove being used inside the tent.

Council public health manager Laura Brewer said: “When used correctly, gas stoves are a great way to cook a tasty meal. Taking care and following a few simple steps will help to ensure you have a summer to remember, for the right reasons.

“In particular, using gas cylinders without safety valves can present a real risk, as we saw first-hand at last year’s Camp Bestival.

“With this type of cylinder, a hollow spike punctures the cartridge which releases gas into the appliance. This increases the risk of highly inflammable gas escaping if it is not fitted properly. Once fitted, the cylinder cannot be removed.

“These cylinders should never be fitted close to a naked flame due to the high risk of gas escaping."

1. Do not use gas cylinders which need to be punctured before use

2. Practice using your stove before your trip

3. Position tents well apart from each other to prevent the risk of a fire spreading. (Check the specific rules at your campsite. Some recommend that tents are pitched at least six metres apart.)

4. Never cook inside a small tent

5. Keep cooking appliances where they cannot be easily knocked over

6. Keep appliances away from the tent walls

7. Don't change gas canisters inside a tent or near naked flame

8. Don't cook near other flammable materials or long grass

9. Only change gas cylinders when they're completely empty and dispose of them correctly

10. Store unused flammable liquids and gas cylinders outside the tent and away from children

11. Never use candles in or near a tent - torches are safer

12. Keep matches and lighters out of children's reach

13. Have an escape plan

14. Make sure everyone knows how to put out clothing that's on fire - stop, drop and roll

15. Invest in a fire blanket and small fire extinguisher. Both are available for less than £10 each