A SCOTTIE dog called Archie was one of the stars of last night's Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

The adorable Scottish Terrier from Ringwood took part in the historic event, with around 40 other pooches.

Along with owner Jim Clegg, Archie who has his own Facebook and Twitter accounts, led in the Bangladeshi and Trinidad and Tobago teams in front of the Queen for the beginning of the games.




Mr Clegg, who is 61, said Archie arrived in the family three years ago thanks to his late wife Jean, who was battling terminal cancer.

He said Jean planned the last months of her life and Archie was brought into the family to become one of Jim’s “rocks”.

And, just like Jean would have wished, the pair has been inseparable ever since, with Archie helping Jim re-home other Scottie dogs on behalf of the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme.



Speaking before the top-secret ceremony yesterday, Mr Clegg said: “Forty dogs mixed together is not always a good idea.

“But we’re hoping it will be alright on the night. We’ve learnt which dogs don’t like each other so hopefully they will get along.”

He added: “Archie has always been my star. It’s such a tremendous atmosphere here. People are so supportive.

“I am doing this for the charity and for Jean, who was a big part of that. I am where I am today because of Jean.”

Archie has made a big impact in the Scottie rescue community, Jim said, making appearances at various talks he has given.

At lunchtime yesterday, the little dog’s Twitter account said: “The day has arrived audience of 1.5 billon people. Jim seems a bit tense. For me it's just another walk around a stadium! Just follow me Jim.”