You've sent us dozens of pictures and now a new report confirms it - an “unusual” amountof jellyfish have been spotted in Dorset this year.

The report from the Marine Conservation Society says a “remarkable” amount of barrel jellyfish have been reported from the area this year.

The Daily Echo has featured many reader photos of jellyfish washed on shores around Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset in the last few months. See the gallery

One of the largest was reported by a group of snorkelers who got up close and personal with the giant jellyfish in Boscombe.

Property developer Martin Frith said they saw between 10 and 15 of various sizes and estimated the largest to be around 4ft-5ft in diameter.

Professor Brendan Godley from the University of Exeter, who helped compile the report, said: ““The remarkable number of barrel jellyfish reported from South West England this year is quite unusual, and at odds with what our report describes, previous years have seen hotspots for this species in West Welsh and Scottish waters.

“We're not sure why, but the very mild winter probably meant more adults survived at depth, which will have returned to the surface in spring as waters warmed up.

“This year's strange barrel jellyfish results highlight the importance of running the survey year in and year out to track these unusual events and discover if they turn into trends”.

This year MCS has so far received reports of seven of the eight species, including barrel, moon, blue, compass, lion's mane, mauve stingers and by the wind sailors from around the UK.

As the summer progresses, experts say beachgoers can expect to see many more jellyfish reported to the MCS survey.

Barrel jellyfish have made up the majority of reports, with most of these reported from South West England and Wales.