HAVING cut his chops in numerous bands over the years, Bournemouth’s Mike Griffiths is now going it alone.

Under the pseudonym Muncle, the multi-instrumentalist is producing his own brand of irresistible indie-pop.

The Muncle project started in late 2012 and has yielded several EP’s so far, with a debut album close to completion.

The track Day By Day is our Daily Echo and O2 Academy Unsigned track of the week.

“In bands I got to write music and have other people sing and play it, but I was still involved in directing it. That bug hit me hard and I loved writing songs and it became a real addiction. However, bands fizzle out,” says Mike.

“It became easier to do the music by myself, it’s difficult to find musicians you have chemistry with. I’ve just been getting on with it,” he added.

Getting Mike talking about his musical influences and the band names come thick and fast.

An appreciation of indie and heavy rock inform his music, but with a strong emphasis on creating three minute slices of pop.

“I grew up listening to Blur and they’re still my favourite band, I then moved to much heavier stuff. I love pop music and I tend to write really short songs because I love leaving people wanting more.

“I want to make music that’s listenable and appeals to both pop fans and the heavier end. Also, it’s short enough that it’ll be over in a few minutes and doesn’t drag on!”

Why not judge for yourself and have a listen to our track of the week.

Head over to muncle.co.uk