OUR beautiful county is loved by locals and visitors alike and today is extra special because it's Dorset Day. 

The annual event celebrates the feast of Dorset's patron saint, Saint Wite, whose relics can be found in the Church of St Candida and Holy Cross in Whitchurch Canonicorum.

Her identity is mystery and different theories have emerged over the centuries.

A local favourite puts her as a holy Saxon woman living as a hermit on the cliffs near Charmouth.

According to tradition, she spent her nights lighting beacons to guide sailors along the rocky coastline, and was killed by Danish pirates during a raid in the 9th century while defending her local people.

Dorset even has its very own flag which is also known as the Dorset Cross and Saint Wite's Cross.

But how do you know if you're a true Dorsetarian? Do you fly the Dorset flag outside your house? develop a country accent? 

Here are ten signs you've lived in glorious Dorset for a long time which we've unearthed from the Daily Echo archives to mark Dorset Day. 

1. Someone tells you they are going on holiday and you reply: “Where to?”

2. You still sometimes call the Dolphin Centre The Arndale Centre.

3. You know what a grockle is and you use the word in your vocabulary.

4. You can drive past Maiden Castle without craning your neck to look at it.

5. You nod knowingly at most of the old photos featured in the Daily Echo and online.

6. You know at least one person who refers to car indicators as ‘winkers’.

7. You’ve stopped sniggering when you hear the words Dorset Knob.

8. You’re amused to see visitors buying up postcards of beauty spots because you see them all the time.

9. You'd choose Dorset Apple Cake over Victoria Sponge anyday.

10. You’re getting less and less inclined to move anywhere else in the world.

Do you have a suggestion to add to our list? let us know in the comments below