THE best music can whisk you away on a strange and wonderful journey. Powdered Cows are this week's Daily Echo and O2 Academy Unsigned Artist of the Week and their track Siberia is a lovely thing.

Dreamy and otherworldly, singer Martin Roberts explains the creative process and themes behind Siberia.

“On the surface I never lyrically write about love. It's a story told a thousand times by a thousand people. I'm continually reading Fortean Times and finding interesting articles linking UFO's and earth shattering collisions from outer space. Creatively, my Producer Matt and I have a psychic bond so he's easily able to extrapolate the exact sounds I can hear inside my head,” says Martin.

Aside from the interest in the extraterrestrial, the singer cites musical influences such as Blur, Eels and LCD Sound System. With two EP's under their belt on Bournemouth record label The Burrow, Powdered Cows have an eagerly-awaited new album planned for a summer release.

“It's called Laguna. I'm about half way through. I've been recording in a cave, in a studio, and soon in an old school house in an abandoned village. It'll be out sometime during the summer, perhaps when the sun comes out,” added Martin.

For now, Martin is revelling in being crowned this week's Unsigned Artist of the Week.

“I assume my crown is in the post? I do like a good crown. However, I also like a good crow, so hopefully now people will check out my music and I'll get enough my money to buy that pretend stuffed crow off eBay that I've always wanted perched on the end of my guitar.”

You can see Martin Roberts play a solo show on Wednesday at the Dressed For The Six art gallery in Boscombe.

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