THEY say good things come to those who wait. Winton-based folk singer Tim Wilkinson started writing songs over 30 years ago, but it’s only in the last few years that he’s truly felt comfortable performing.

“It's taken me until now, at this stage in my life - with children grown and marriage failed and over, to find my voice as a singer and songwriter. The folk clubs and pubs - both in the Bournemouth area and elsewhere across the country - provide a vital opportunity to hone one's performing and writing skills, but it hasn't come easily nor quickly to me,” says Tim, 54.

His track Willowman is our Daily Echo and O2 Academy Bournemouth Unsigned track of the week.

“Willowman was recorded at home and shows exactly how far I have come as a songwriter and performer, particularly over the past couple of years. Its blend of American style with a very English sensibility is the essence of what I have been striving for.”

Tim believes that with age comes a voice of experience that has a distinct resonance with audiences.

“Although I have late-flowered as a songwriter, it's given my voice - always good - time to mature into a characterful, husky, whisky-soaked sound that age and cigarettes - no longer whisky - seems to have brought about.

“This is a rare gift. There are loads of guitar players out there, but good singers are as rare as hen's teeth.”

Tim has recently been invited to play on a radio program in North Carolina, with plans for short US tour. Though, the musician feels that older acts have a tough time in the music business.

“Opportunities for middle-aged rebeginners such as myself - no matter how talented - are difficult to find, and harder still to make a lasting impact with. Our modern culture of here-today-gone-tomorrow sees to that.

“Really all I want is this: regular opportunities to play gigs that last more than 10 or 15 minutes, in front of a receptive audience, getting paid a little bit to do it. The notion of actually selling my songs frankly barely enters into it, although that would be nice.”

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