TWO deer have been causing havoc for motorists in Poole today.

The animals have been seen on Ashley Road running in between vehicles throughout the day.

Concerned drivers manager to usher the animals into a garden in Pearson Avenue but they later escaped.

Emma Williams spotted the deer as she was on her way to a council meeting.

The 31-year-old said: “I was driving along Ashley Road and one jumped out in front of me. Everyone was at a standstill.

“They were just jumping around on the road. One got run over but it came out the other end of the bus and carried on running around.

“We tried to stop the traffic and warn people because they kept jumping back out onto the road. They were clearing fences that were five foot high.”

Miss Williams and a group of other motorists managed to coax the animals into a cul-de-sac in a bid to prevent them from causing an accident or getting hurt.

“We blocked them in at Pearson Avenue with our cars,” she explained.

“They ended up in one of the gardens.”

Derek Parsons who lives on Pearson Avenue was in his garden when the drama unfolded.

“I saw my neighbour taking photographs and thought ‘what’s going on?’ I went out to have a look and there were two young deer in our neighbour's garden.

"We were most surprised. We get foxes but we haven’t had deer here before.

“They were very nervous.”

Amy Padley, owner of Isobel’s’ Bride and Groom shop on Ashley Road, said she first saw the animals at lunchtime today.

“We parked up on Pearson Avenue at around 12.30pm and saw the deer in the garden.

“Some of our neighbours said they have been here since 7am this morning.

“We were keeping guard of them to try to keep them coming out of the garden but they managed to get out.

“We haven’t seen them on Ashley Road for quite a while.”

A spokesman for the RSPCA said an officer is making their way to the scene.