BEHAVE or else!

That’s the message to people taking part in mass cycling events in the New Forest after 18 riders were banned for a variety of acts– including urinating by the side of the road.

Organisers of the Wiggle New Forest Spring Sportive launched a crackdown after riders ignored the toilets provided and relieved themselves in front of villagers.

The riders have been barred from all future rides – and similar action is likely to be taken against anyone else who flouts the rules.

As reported in the Daily Echo, more than 2,000 cyclists took part in the two-day event on April 12-13.

Campaigners tried to sabotage the ride by throwing tacks on to a road in Bransgore. A total of 15 cyclists suffered punctures but no-one was hurt in the incident, which is being investigated by police.

The cyclists caught urinating were spotted outside the Forest Park Hotel in Brockenhurst.

Martin Barden, of UK Cycling Events, said: “The hotel had eight portaloos and our marshals told all riders stopping at the hotel to ensure they used the toilets provided.

“Anyone who decided not to was instantly banned from the event as this is not something we condone.”

Mr Barden has not revealed why any of the other cyclists were barred but before the event he warned that anyone caught blocking the road by cycling two, three or four abreast would be disqualified.

Delegates at a recent meeting of New Forest Association of Local Councils were told that 18 riders were in the process of being banned.

Cllr Russell Horne, chairman of Brockenhurst Parish Council, said Mr Barden had previously promised to bar anyone caught breaking the Highway Code.

Maureen Holding, a district councillor for the village, said the Spring Sportive entrants caused “pandemonium” in the village.

She added: “The road was blocked by people who had abandoned their cycles in the middle of the road. And some of them were urinating in full view of families – even though there were toilets only a few feet away.

“I hope the ban sends out a clear message that we expect people to behave.”