TWO former crew members of a Bournemouth Air Festival favourite are heading to the town for a fundraising talk.

Barry Masefield and Andy Marson, who flew on Vulcan bombers, will be giving presentations at The Wollstonecraft lecture hall, Bournemouth House, 19 Christ-church Road, on May 1, 6.30pm.

The event, which is ticket-only at £10 a head, will raise funds for the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, which keeps the world’s last flying example of the jet, XH558, in the sky.

The first part will see Andy Marson talk about the history of the Vulcan and its weapons, while Barry Masefield will discuss mission-planning, enemy weapons, how threats were dealt with and its role in the Falklands conflict in the second session.

The presentation is open to the public, with 100 tickets available through

There will also be 50 tickets available through Phill Jones at dorset., which need to be reserved.