THE former partner of a Poole man who was murdered in 1991 has launched a campaign to try to track down who killed him.

Businessman John Green was 36 when he was stabbed in a frenzied attack at his Branksome office on February 1, 1991.

Numerous appeals, a reward, artists’ impressions and an appearance on Crimewatch all drew a blank.

Now, 23 years on, Lori de Carteret, who was John’s fiancée at the time and found his body, has launched a Facebook page in a bid to jog people’s memories.

Lori told the Daily Echo: “It just feels right and it’s also challenging for me.

“I feel strong enough in myself now that I think it’s about time that something was done.

“I have had contact from the police about three years ago telling me about the new forensic technology and so on but they never got back to me.

“There is never any mention of John.

“It’s to raise the awareness again because it’s not right or just that whoever killed John is getting off scot-free, they’re still out there.

“Already people are beginning to open up on the page, which is quite interesting.

“The general feeling of what’s being said on the ground is it could have been mistaken identity, but I’ve heard that before and even the police have suggested it.

“My message would be even if you’re scared, because I know what that feels like, please give up some information anonymously.”

John’s mum died several years ago and since his death Lori has married and moved out of Dorset.

Lori added: “John was only 36 when he was murdered and that’s young.

“I just know in my heart and soul that people know who did this but they’re afraid to say it. There is no such thing as the perfect murder.

“For myself and my family we want some kind of closure because 23 years to live not knowing why or who it was lives with you. It never leaves me, it’s a constant puzzle.”

  • The Facebook campaign can be found at johngreen                                                                                                                                        

Still no answers to this shocking crime

IT WAS a brutal crime, the reason for which there is still no answer – 23 years on.

Despite numerous appeals, reward offers and even a feature on Crimewatch, detectives drew a blank on who killed John Green.

Dorset Police has not yet provided the Daily Echo with an update on the case, save to say that it is still open.

Eight years ago, they were hoping that advances in DNA technology would help shed new light on the mystery.

Mr Green was found murdered in his office in Poole Road, Branksome, by Lori de Carteret.

At the time, the attack was described as frenzied – the bloodstained body of Mr Green was found slumped between a window and a desk in the office at the back of his shop.

Detectives believed that Mr Green had been killed the previous afternoon – between 3.15pm and 4pm on February 1, 1991.

The murder was reconstructed on Crimewatch and Mr Green’s family and friends put up a reward of £13,000, which eventually grew to £20,000, in a bid for people to come forward.

The case is regularly reviewed to see if there are any technological advances, new information or potential to reinterview witnesses.

The crime pre-dated DNA, with police relying on fingerprints, blood groups and working out who the victim had been in contact with prior to his death.

Detectives were hampered by the fact that Mr Green had held a party for around 50 people at his flat the weekend before the killing, making fingerprints useless.

During their investigations in 1991, police received two calls from people who said that they had seen Mr Green, who was in the process of setting up a marine security company, being jostled into his shop by two men on the afternoon that the businessman was murdered.

A third witness also told detectives that they had seen the two men leaving Mr Green’s shop just 45 minutes later.

Despite artists’ impressions of the pair being released to the public via the media and posters, detectives were unable to take that part of the enquiry forward.