A NEW television show featuring youngsters on work experience in Christchurch last year will debut today.

The show, ‘Invasion of the Job Snatchers’, will be shown at 9pm tonight on BBC3, following weeks of filming in the area last year.

There are due to be six episodes of the show featuring 13 unemployed youngsters from across the UK who are given eight weeks work experience in the town, famed for its elderly population.

Billed by producers as a ‘unique social experiment’, the youngsters take up placements at a variety of Christchurch businesses including butchers, a local ferry service, wool shop, solicitors, accountants, party shop, hairdressers, garden centre and smoke house.

The show also concentrates on the relationship between the youngsters and the mentors, with some more than 50 years older than the applicants.

But, despite the show boosting the profile of the historic town, the title has caused a few raised eyebrows in Christchurch.

The Mayor of Christchurch, Cllr John Lofts, said: “We were very pleased to hear last year that the BBC was bringing some young people to Christchurch to benefit from the wisdom and experience of our residents. I know that many of the young people gained some useful insights into ways of working and have been able to get permanent jobs as a result.

“The rather unfortunate title of ‘Invasion of the Job Snatchers’ doesn’t reflect what we believe the content of the programme to be.

“People have been coming to Christchurch for work for years. We hope that people will get a good impression of the beauty and history of the borough through the series.”