A COUPLE from Poole have celebrated the launch of their newly refurbished shop and post office.

Husband and wife team Hiren and Arti Modi bought the convenience store and post office in the Dolphin shopping centre just under two years ago and say business is booming.

“We wanted to change it when we first took it on but we had to see whether the business would work,” said Mr Modi.

He added: “We haven’t seen the downturn in the economy. Things do seem to be getting better, at least for us anyway.”

After watching the business thrive, the couple decided to give the unit a facelift and are delighted with its new look.

Mr Modi said: “We are really pleased with how it looks.

“We’ve changed absolutely everything apart from the ATM machine,” he explained.

Following the renovation, which took six days to complete, customers were stunned by the transformation.

Mr Modi: “The reaction has been very good. Everyone was shocked. Our customers said they missed us when we were closed but they all like how it looks.”