Meet Peter Ramsey, the businessman from Bournemouth University who has come a LONG way in the past year. He is the CEO of Bournemouth-based housing review site Move'm, where students submit honest reviews of their student housing and experiences with landlords, set-up during a placement year, and going further than ever expected.

Peter set up the site after disputes with his own housing agents, realizing there was nothing of the sort already in existence, and this led to quitting his job and struggling with the stress and crazy hours of business to "build something good".

Within one day, Move'm received over 200,000 hits. Now, almost a year later, Peter has no plans to complete his third year to graduate anytime soon. He says that "being Move'm CEO has given me the chance to learn more than I ever would at university" and that he isn't a huge fan of simulated learning, with Move'm having just too much potential to leave now; and his great amounts of personal ambition.

Although acknowledging that the business still has a long way to go, Peter sees excitement in their 5-year plan to be nationwide - currently liaising with potential investors. Although landlords and estate agents clearly have problems with this site - which brings a much needed truthfulness to the housing market - Peter says himself: "We don't need them to like us."

Since starting his placement year as a Marketing Executive, and ending it being a busy CEO, there is no doubt that the rest of Move'm’s success will be equal to Peter's this year.

And if you fancy checking out Move'm for yourself,