ROADWORKS at the Bakers Arms roundabout were carried out last week due to a small amount of flood damage that needed repairing, says County Hall.

Engineers also used the opportunity to further widen parts of the carriageway, in particular the Sandford Road approach to the roundabout.

The Bakers Arms roundabout flooded on a number of occasions, forcing police to close the junction, during what is now officially a record wet February.

Dorset County Council also closed the roundabout completely for one weekend last October to allow planned resurfacing work to take place.

On the latest work, there is still a small section of white line that needs to be painted to complete the project. County transport officials say this should be carried out over the next couple of weeks.

A Dorset County Council spokesman confirmed: “The work on the A351 at the Bakers Arms Roundabout was being carried out for a number of reasons.

“There was a little bit of flood damage that needed repairing and we decided to use this opportunity to extend the widening that we made last year to stop heavy goods vehicles from driving across the verge on the Sandford approach to the roundabout. We have also reinforced the white lines, as drivers were switching lanes too early.”