YOUNGSTERS from Wareham St Mary Primary School took a trip down the ages to embrace the Saxon way of life.

The children, with the help of historians from the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre, took part in a re-enactment as part of their studies.

They set up a replica Saxon camp, with fires and tools of the day, before trying traditional skills and crafts.

Deputy head teacher Robert Wellman said: “We were delighted that the Ancient Technology Centre team was able to visit and provide children of all abilities with some excellent hands-on experiences.”

The children even had the chance to try out ancient weaponry such as spears, shields, swords and slingshots.

Mr Wellman: “Throughout this term they have been learning about their local Saxon and Viking heritage.

“Our learning journey started with a walk around the Wareham Walls in early January when we marvelled at the scale of these earthworks, who built them, how they were built and for what purpose. Now the children have many insights into the lives of the people who have left such an obvious mark on the town.”

The deputy head explained how the re-enactment had enabled the pupils to come “face-to-face with many of the difficulties of daily life 1,000 years ago.”

He added: “The highlight of the day was when boys and girls had the opportunity to handle and use replica Viking weapons.”

Pupil Maddie Winter (pictured) said: “It was so much fun learning how the Vikings kept themselves warm.”