Rating: 15

Running time: 98 minutes

Release date: 14 February 2014

Watching salsa dancers you see passion, light feet, sex appeal and flair. When looking at Nick Frost dance, none of these adjectives come to mind. However, his comedic genius at being the underdog wins the audience over. Cuban Fury is the brain child of Nick Frost, who is both the leading role and executive producer, with director James Griffiths. It is a classic boy meets girl story with red hot salsa moves and sequins thrown in. Cuban Fury depicts the already lovable Nick Frost as Bruce who takes up salsa again, years after giving up his dancing brilliance due to bullying, to win over his female boss played by Rashida Jones.

Nick Frost is perfect as shy and overweight Bruce - proving he can hold his own as a lead in a film. However Rashida’s Julia was disappointing: an undeveloped character, acting more like a dancing china doll than a strong female lead. Chris O’Dowd plays Bruce’s arrogant, sexist and bullying boss who also vies for Julia’s affections. Chris O’Dowd was brilliant making the audience want to punch and laugh at him at the same time. Nick Frost and Chris’s fierce dance off in the office car park was one of the funniest scenes of the film with the boys busting moves left right and centre. However it is Kayvan Novak who upstages all these big names by playing fabulous camp dancer Bejan who is both hilarious and outrageous. Olivia Coleman finishes off the list of big names and was great at playing Bruce’s sister especially because you could see that she loved playing the role.

Many critics slashed Cuban Fury as being wishy washy with questionable dancing. I agree the dancing makes the cast look like fish out of water and nor has it much depth of plot.. but that’s the point. It’s a film that is designed to be tongue and cheek - showing its audience that it is more important to follow your heart than be perfect.