With the Student Union elections coming up within the next few weeks, the Student Eye spoke to the current batch of officers to see what they had to say to voters and candidates alike about the frantic few weeks ahead.

I spoke to Sophie Chaytor-Grubb, Representative for the Lansdowne Campus for two successive year-long terms. Sophie seems to be the most approachable member of the SUBU Officers, and most definitely provided an interesting insight into what it is to be the sole representative of the 5,000+ students down at Lansdowne.

Based in the town centre, Sophie has her own – rather small – office in which she agreed to meet.

Describing her high highlight for the year as getting more social spaces for Lansdowne Students, Sophie stated that she enjoyed doing things that had a ''direct impact on students''. The former psychology student also revealed that she had not actually wanted to be in the Student Union, saying she had never done anything for them before.

Sophie took on the position when the former VP Lansdowne stepped down, causing a Bi-Election and after Murray Simpson (President and at the time VP Education) ''basically convinced'' her to do it, Sophie decided to run prompting a swift victory.

Despite her own low involvement, Sophie wholeheartedly supports the union and encourages any and all to get involved in not just the Union but also the elections.

You can find out more about the elections, and read our interviews with the other candidates here.